Saturday, August 22, 2015


Today, I thought that I would descend deeper into the realms of retro gaming with an old great that I've not played since I was 14 years old, Starquake by BubbleBus / Mandarin Software. Like most people, I did not own an expensive Atari ST in 1985 and was instead using a ZX Spectrum. Yup, I've not played Starquake since the mid-80s!

You're a BLOB (BioLogically Operated Being) which has crash-landed on a planet and it's your job to save it before it implodes! Each screen is filled with cutesy (yet annoying) baddies that can zap away your energy or kill you outright. Thankfully you have a weapon but they are relentless with their swarm-like attacks. Curiously, you have no jump ability but instead, can build temporary platforms that help you reach those higher places. Also, dotted about the map are hover-pads which you can use. Starquake is a big game and one which will instantly appeal whilst you somehow get yourself completely lost as you wander from screen to screen. There are tasks to complete, like collecting objects and computer codes, which is a lot harder than it sounds. Oddly, you cannot collect items when using a hover pad...

Overall, I found our Atari ST version to be a little harder than the original Speccy game but its most definitely a brilliant conversion of the 8-bit classic. I really enjoyed playing Starquake which offers a massive, long-term challenge and is extremely addictive. Highly recommended, if only to see ZX Spectrum folk drool over the graphics ;-)


 - Starquake is downloadable via Old Games Finder.
 - A video recording was made for your extreme viewing pleasure. You're welcome!
 - Of course, I also made a video of the ZX Spectrum game.
 - Cheaters can find helpful codes right here :o)
 - Here is a map of the Speccy game I still drool over to this day!