Monday, August 31, 2015

Alien World

Alien World is a shoot 'em up written by Gary Antcliffe (Blazing Thunder and Yogi's Great Escape) and was released in 1992 by Hi-Tec Premier Software. Ignoring that dreadful title tune, the game itself is a cross between games like Menace and R-Type, with a dollop of Venus Flytrap thrown in for good measure. As you can now imagine, Alien World has such a wicked combination of ingredients for a horizontally scrolling shooter.

The action is relentless and hits you with a ton of pitfalls you must avoid, like red-hot streams of molten lava which shoots up from pools of glowing red instant death! In fact, it isn't long before you feel a slap of Blood Money's personality creeping in when it alternates between horizontal scrolling to vertical. We have all the usual nasties to avoid and lots more that are trying their best to kill us. In fact, Alien World is totally frantic and I also like that you aren't being automatically scrolled along by the computer as you can either fly or walk along at your own pace. Gravity will also play its part to effect the controls, think flappy bird but nowhere near annoying!

The graphics are absolutely outstanding (click on the pictures below!) with ultra smooth scrolling best experienced using a real Atari ST. Sound effects are pretty basic, could have been better, but they work well overall. Gameplay impressed me and I instantly fell in love with this game. However, it is tough and comes with so many evil tricks to catch up out. But this enforces that "one more go" appeal. I do wish it allotted more lives but perhaps that's down to my own skills? Alien World is beautiful and provides more than enough hardcore gaming challenge - I love it!


 - 8BitChip have created a hard drive installable version!
 - for those that need a floppy disk image then look no further than Old Games Finder.