Monday, August 31, 2015

Alien World

Alien World is a shoot 'em up written by Gary Antcliffe (Blazing Thunder/Yogi's Great Escape) and was released in 1992 by Hi-Tec Premier Software. Ignoring the dreadful title tune, the game itself is a cross between the likes of Menace and R-Type, with a dollop of Venus Flytrap thrown in for good measure. Which is ace!

The action is relentless and immediately hits you with a ton of pitfalls like red-hot streams of molten lava that shoot-up from pools of glowing red death. It isn't long before you feel a little Blood Money creeping in as the scrolling alternates between horizontal & vertical. However, I liked the parts that don't automatically scroll - allowing you to move at your own leisure. Gravity always plays a part to affect your movement, think Flappy Bird or SantaFly!

Graphically, Alien World is truly outstanding with ultra-smooth scrolling - best experienced using a real Atari ST. Everything is beautiful with rich colours, detailed sprites with fluent movement. Sadly, audio is a different story with no in-game tune and weak sound effects. A few decent chiptunes would have been perfect...

Gameplay is what matters the most and I'm impressed with this tough nut shooter. Sure, it has a learning curve that is nothing short of immense but Blood Money fans are going to love this!! What a challenging game and one that drags you back for that "just one more go". Yup, Alien World is freakishly fun and should entertain for hours.

Download the Floppy or HDD version now.

Right from the off you'll need to get used to gravity which is instantly annoying.

The aliens are badass and relentless. This makes Blood Money look so easy!!

The second level is superb with lots of power-ups and different baddies.

I love the Menace-like futuristic feel and it proves the ST can scroll - when in the hands of talent.

What you thought this was only horizontally-scrolling? It's now things get insanely hard!!!

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