Monday, August 31, 2015

Alien World

Alien World is a shoot 'em up written by Gary Antcliffe (Blazing Thunder and Yogi's Great Escape) and was released in 1992 by Hi-Tec Premier Software. Ignoring the dreadful title tune which you should immediately skip, the game itself is a cross between games like Menace and R-Type, with a dollop of Venus Flytrap thrown in for good measure.

Graphically, this is outstanding with ultra smooth scrolling - best experienced using a real Atari ST. The action is relentless and hits you with a ton of pitfalls to learn like red-hot streams of molten lava which shoots up from pools of glowing red instant death. It isn't long before you feel a little Blood Money creeping in when the scrolling alternates between horizontal and vertical. I liked the parts which aren't scrolled automatically by the computer - so you can fly or walk at your own leisure but gravity does play its part to effect the controls, think Flappy Bird or SantaFly!

Gameplay is always what matters and I am impressed with this tough nut which is also fair with that "one more go" appeal. Alien World is beautiful and provides such a difficult challenge - it's hardcore and I love it!!


 - 8BitChip have created a hard drive installable version!
 - for those that need a floppy disk image then look no further than Old Games Finder.

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