Friday, October 23, 2015

Chuckie Egg II

After playing the Atari ST version of Jet Set Willy, I remembered that we also had another 8-Bit platformer - Chuckie Egg 2. This is one of my favourite ZX Spectrum games - EVER. Like JSW, I love the ability to freely roam and the rooms are quirky always interesting. I was extremely excited to play the ST version.

Yep, ours should have had all the usual improvements to make Spectrum owners green with envy. I was hoping for a bigger game map, more colourful graphics and better sounds but alas we got nothing more than a coding shambles. This game is an embarrassment because they've completely ruined the look and feel. The new controls now make the game totally unplayable so they have successfully destroyed what was previously a beautiful platformer.

Play it on the ZX Spectrum and stay clear of this ST game!! 😡


 - If you're feeling stupid then a floppy disk can be found using Old Games Finder.
 - A hard drive installable game can be found thanks to 8BitChip.

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