Friday, October 23, 2015

Chuckie Egg II

After playing the Atari ST version of Jet Set Willy, I then remembered that we also had another 8-Bit platformer by Lothlorien, Chuckie Egg 2. This made me incredibly happy because I love the old Speccy platformers and I oddly I never remember playing the Atari ST conversion back in the day...

Now, before I begin, I must say that Chuckie Egg 2 is perhaps my favourite ZX Spectrum game ever made. I'm not sure what it is, although I know it's not that buzzy sound effect when Harry moves! I personally think it's the open-world aspect as exploration is key to winning me over and there is a massive map. I just love it!!

However, here ends my positivity because the Atari ST game is absolutely terrible. Sure, it looks and sounds better but it's the gameplay that matters over how something looks and sounds. Sadly, this is completely void of any because Lothlorien appears to have done everything they possibly could to ruin this old 8-Bit beauty.

The controls suck. Guiding Harry around any screen is nigh on impossible because he moves far too quickly and now looks like he's eaten too many chicken burgers. So, it's hard enough accurately guiding this fat man around the screen but the jumping mechanic has been completely ruined. It's just wrong and it simply does not work.

I wanted to record a video but I couldn't get by the first few screens - which is terrible because I have explored every inch of this game on the Speccy. So what went wrong? This is an embarrassment to see it running on my Atari ST and I wonder how on earth it ever got by Lothlorien's quality control dept is anyone's guess. (Yes, I jest)

Possibly the worst Atari ST game ever? So play it on a ZX Spectrum and stay clear of this!! 😡


 - If you're feeling stupid then a floppy disk can be found using Old Games Finder.
 - A hard drive installable game can be found (no) thanks to 8BitChip.

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