Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jet Set Willy

Willy is back!

Who still plays the Willy games on their old retro computers? Indeed, they are the most respected series of 8-bit platformers ever to grace a CRT screen. Sadly, the Atari ST missed that party as people expected more from their 16-bit computer by the mid-80s. A fact that saddens me somewhat if I'm brutally honest.

Well, here is the Atari ST's attempt with Jet Set Willy, which is a perfect replica of the ZX Spectrum original. Yep, it fully mimics the gameplay without unnecessary bloatware "improvements". Wait, are you disappointed by that? Perhaps you expected updated aesthetics? Perhaps you thought the original could and should have been improved?

You should see the abomination that is the Atari ST version of Chuckie Egg II.

Although finished, JSW was never released for the Atari ST as Software Projects felt people's expectations had changed since 1984? I see their point, I really do. However, it's a massive shame because the game is timeless. I think older ZX Spectrum guys will enjoy this authentic platformer for their Atari ST!! I will always love playing this game.

I should go and help Master Willy clean up his messy mansion, wish me luck...

* Download JetSet Willy from my own Dropbox file server.
AtariMania has an interesting piece of text to read on its website.
* Here is a pretty darn cool map of the entire Willy Mansion. Ahh, the memories!!
* What? Do you want Manic Miner as well? Then click that link ASAP!!!

I thought this room would be tough but it's easier than it looks.

One of the coolest screens this (for me). I don't know why but I love it.

I remember reaching this screen on my Speccy as a kid - waiting for the hoax!

I tried the code... but it didn't appear to work. I wonder if the hidden gem is still here?


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    1. Yeah and I'm so glad this wasn't another Chuckie Egg 2... ie, they ruin it with different mechanics or fancy graphics. It's probably another Battlezone using the Speccy code. And that works for me :D