Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jet Set Willy

Who hasn't played with Mr Willy in one form or another over the decades? Surely the most respected series of 8-bit platformers ever to grace our TV screens and here is the Atari ST's attempt at Jet Set Willy. This is actually an unreleased replica of the original that perfectly mimics the gameplay without any unnecessary bloatware "improvements" and is totally authentic to guarantee the same level of entertainment you experienced in 1984.

This amazing carbon copy is probably the reason it was never published, the world had moved on by 1989 and we all expected "better" than a humble clone of the original. Although finished, it wasn't ever released and that's a shame because I feel Software Projects created a brilliant game and it certainly succeeded in capturing the authenticity of the Speccy, perfectly. Please do note: the animation (above) was taken off my Atari ST and not a ZX Spectrum!

Okay, enough of my talking because now it's time to help Master Willy clean up his messy mansion. He is extremely tired and strangely hasn't realised that he could simply sack Maria and just get in bed. Doh!


 - Download Jet Set Willy from my own Dropbox file server.
 - AtariMania has a download and an interesting read on their website.
 - Here is a pretty darn cool map of the entire Willy Mansion. Ahh, the memories!