Monday, October 26, 2015

Mad Professor Mariarti

Another nutty professor!

Professor Mariarti is a 5-level platformer in whacky laboratories that range from a biological lab to futuristic space rocket development. However, as a result of some dodgy experiment going mental, everything has come to life and taken over. To make matters worse, they aren't in the best mood and have also grown body parts, like eyes and legs. I think we better fix this problem and clear out the various labs before it drives the Professor, potty!

There are four levels to choose from with a fifth only playable after completing the first four. Let's play...

A platformer with brains

I've been playing the Computer Lab level and there are many strange creatures populating the rooms, lots of hazards to avoid, and many puzzles to solve. Don't worry, these puzzles aren't exactly mind-blowing and are often be as simple as flicking a switch. However, there are some puzzles that will require a little more thought - take a look at the massive pressure chamber which is lethal without first wearing a divers helmet. Yikes...

The baddies are a most interesting bunch and quite humorous. Sadly, the slightest contact will zap energy and potentially kill you. It seems nothing you do will permanently kill them - use your trusty collection of greasy spanners and kaboom they've gone but, seconds later, they are back for more. Relentless!!

Actually, this is a good mechanic and certainly keeps the game interesting without any empty or boring screens. Also, weapons can be upgraded at using the terminals but that costs money so don't forget to collect any coins scattered throughout. Expect nothing less than a challenge that requires much time and effort to get the best from it.

The CryptO'pinion?

Mad Professor Mariarti is challenging and addictive with bucket loads of personality. Some of the puzzles are a little too vague and obscure but you'll soon get how this platformer works. Recommend only if you enjoy a platformer that requires a little more effort from the old grey matter. A good game and I enjoyed Prof Mariarti a bunch.

8BitChip has the download (floppy & HDD)
Stickhead has a fantastic video to watch!

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