Wednesday, October 28, 2015


This is an arcade masterpiece released in 1985 by Atari and is obviously still enjoyed today and eternally respected from both the arcade & home gamer alike. The design is simple, yet genius, a winning combination of dungeon crawler mixed in with lots of kill-em-all mentalities. With an unstoppable multiplayer experience for 1-4 players that would hack and slash their way through its underground hell with perfect co-op fun. A brilliant game.

Gauntlet offers you the opportunity to be one of four groovy heroes : a Warrior, Elf, Wizard, Valkyrie and each have their own strengths and weapons. I personally go straight for the Warrior, he's bound to be the Samson of the group and thankfully there is no Delilah to be seen. All characters need to be fed, so don't be doing anything daft like shooting food which will have a serious effect on your health. The object of Gauntlet is pretty simple - kill and escape! You are trapped in a 100-level creepy dungeon and everything lurking inside wants to eat you. So it's up to you (and any potential co-op players) to kill everything and find the exit in order to ultimately escape the hellish catacombs. Keys are littered everywhere and unlock access to restricted areas and you shall also note booty which is conveniently left for you, collect them for extra points.

The monsters are some of the most varied I've ever seen, we have ghosts, demons, grunts, lobbers (I hate those!) and much more. They all have their own evil attributes and almost all born from a generator - so destroy those first to cease the onslaught of hatred against you. Finally, Death is here and he's almost impossible to kill so try to avoid him wherever possible. Which brings me onto the magical potions you can discover also scattered about each level. By collecting these your chance of survival is greatly improved and will certainly help during an encounter with Mr Death. Hint: do not assume he is a single individual making a single appearance! Be wise and use only when needed.

Gauntlet is a brilliant game. Pure gold - 10/10


 - Grab Gauntlet off Klaz' Hideaway (for floppy + hard drive with support for faster computers)
 - AtariMania has Gauntlet within their ST database website.