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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Crapman was originally featured within the Synergy megademo and later released as a standalone product in 1993. Most Atarians rate this as one of the best Pac-Man and it's obvious why with spot-on perfect gameplay: those pesky ghosts are clever and a cunning level design help make this extremely challenging.

The graphics are marvellous and the Scavenger music is just perfect - gorgeous and timeless! Crapman may indeed have a silly name but it's a fantastic twist on the original idea and immensely addictive. Right, I cannot stress this enough, stop what you're doing and play this game right now. Quite possibly the best Pacman clone ever?


 - Download Crapman game from the Demozoo website.
 - The Synergy Megademo is one of the best Atari ST demos so download it.
 - I also recorded a few more videos from the superb Synergy:
  1. Unfinished Demo
  2. Megademo Music Disk
  3. DBA #6 Intro
  4. Megademo - Symbiosys
  5. Megademo - Credits Screen

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