Sunday, May 22, 2016


That little yellow fella - who just loves to pop those pills - is back on AtariCrypt. Hmm, that's hardly a great introduction for a fascinating clone of the famous arcade hit, is it? Anyhow, here is Crapman (yes, you heard correctly) which was originally released inside the awesome Synergy megademo. Later, it was also released as a standalone game.

I remember playing Crapman back in the 90s and I was pretty much lame at it. Many Atarians rate this game as one of the best Pac-Man clones on the Atari ST and it's obvious why. The graphics are superb and the music is of another world because it's compossed by Scavenger! Gameplay is spot-on perfect and extremely challenging because of those pesky (smart) ghosts, but it's so addictive too. Yes, Crapman may indeed be a silly name but it offers a FANTASTIC twist on the original idea and is immensely enjoyable. Don't scroll by ... PLAY THIS!!!


 - Download Crapman game from the Demozoo website.
 - Don't believe how great this game is?? Then watch this video recording right now!!!
 - The Synergy Megademo is one of the best Atari ST demos so download it
 - And I also recorded a few more Synergy videos for our YouTube Channel :
  1. Unfinished Demo
  2. Megademo Music Disk
  3. DBA #6 Intro
  4. Megademo - Symbiosys
  5. Megademo - Credits Screen