Monday, May 23, 2016

Walls Of Illusion

I picked up a random copy of Atari ST User magazine (#101) from my cool collection. I sat down and prepared myself for a good read with a nice cuppa joe. All of a sudden, I was in shock and almost spat out my coffee in utter disbelief. There it was. I'd forgotten about this olde favourite of mine by Motelsoft - Walls Of Illusion.

How could I have forgotten about this?? Perhaps I'm crazy!! Well, yes. But, for those that don't know, Walls Of Illusion is a "Dungeon Master" and follow-up to Arcan which was released in 1993/4 (shareware). This is an impressive and extremely well-made RPG so I think I should lock myself away for a few days to relive the adventure!!

What I find flabbergasting is that Motelsoft has a website w/ free downloads! :D

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