Monday, May 23, 2016

Walls Of Illusion

Sit back and relax for its Jackanory!

Today, I picked up a random (#101) issue of Atari ST User magazine (see below) from my collection and sat down for a good read with a nice cuppa joe. All of a sudden, I was in shock, and almost spat out my coffee in disbelief. There it was. Something I had forgotten about: my old Motelsoft favourite - Walls Of Illusion.

How could I have forgotten about this?? Perhaps I'm crazy!! Yes, but, for those that don't know, Walls Of Illusion is a "Dungeon Master" and follow-up to Arcan which was released in 1993/4 (shareware). This is an impressive and extremely well-made RPG so I think I should lock myself away for a few days to relive the adventure?

Has anyone played this great RPG? I'd love to know if there are any fans out there and what you think of the game, especially in comparison to the original. I remember playing this game like crazy even though I would never have come close to finishing it! Anyhow, I feel like I've just been reunited with an old friend and I'm so happy :)

AtariMania has the full registered version to download. Go on, get it. Play it. Live it!!

Okay, it's time to be flabbergasted because
Motelsoft still has a website w/ Atari ST downloads!

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