Monday, May 23, 2016

Walls Of Illusion

I picked up a random copy of Atari ST User magazine (#101) and prepared myself for a good read with a cuppa joe. All of a sudden, I almost spat out my coffee in utter disbelief as I read about an old favourite game of mine, Walls Of Illusion.

How could I have forgotten about this little cracker, I simply do not know? I used to play this a lot back in the day and I'm gutted I then forgot all about it. For those that do not know, Walls Of Illusion is a rip-off no, a Dungeon Master clone developed by Motelsoft and released as shareware back in 1993.

I'm very excited now!  Walls Of Illusion is such an impressive game, extremely well made with awesome graphics and sound effects. So many happy memories are flooding back and I am now locking myself away for a few days. So it is a .. Goodbye .. Auf Wiedersehen .. Au Revoir .. AdiĆ³s Amigo .. I'll be back soon :-)