Saturday, March 11, 2017

Atari ST demos

Yesterday I had myself a demoscene night and relived the glory days when we would all eagerly await the postman's delivery of floppy disks from Demo Club and other PD libraries. Fun times had with beauties like Anomaly, European, Punish Your Machine, Antiques and Rising Force. Also, I re-enjoyed some cool animations like Rippler, Newton's Cradle and Walker. Plus these incredible movies never fail to impress and then I finished off listening to Popstars by the awesome YM Rockerz. Yes, this is the rock and roll lifestyle I now lead when the wife and kids are out! :^)

I have recorded many demos for both the Atari ST + Atari STe which are available to view on my YouTube channel. Check out the Demo Encyclopedia and everything can be downloaded from the Demozoo website. Stay Atari. . .