Saturday, March 04, 2017


We all know the embarrassment of Uridium. Okay, it may have been very early in the ST's life but no excuses as far as I'm concerned. It still hurts when I remember C64 gamers laughing their little socks off at our "superior" 16-bit computer. Rightly so, our game is poor with extremely sluggish control and boring visuals, hardly next-generation!

However, perhaps there is finally a glimmer of hope for us after all these years? A certain fella, who has obviously very busy lately, has started programming a version of Uridium that uses the Blitter chip. Sadly, the YouTube video isn't a 50fps recording but the scrolling appears far better and, more importantly, the sloth-spaceship moves just like it should! Clickety click right here to download yourself the latest beta release :-)

Best played on the Atari STe w/ hard drive or ultrasatan.

 * March 13th update: a brand new video recording has just been released and you must view it :-)
 * March 24th update: looks like this is the last update. Looks and sounds beautiful in this video!