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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Sideways was developed by Jamie Woodhouse but was never released. It's a cross between Uridium and Return To Genesis so a fast-paced shooter with graphics zooming along at 50fps! I'm saddened this was never released as it proves that the Atari ST can perform when in the hands of a talented and committed programmer.

What a shock it was to boot this up. It's impossible not to be impressed by what is nothing less than a ridiculously exciting shooter. The controls feel natural and responsive with precise turning and acceleration. Each level is stuffed full of baddies to kill and there are power-ups for increased firepower, shields, weapons, etc. Not everything has been implemented so learn the landscapes and try not to crash and you'll be playing for hours!

Any shoot 'em up needs great mechanics to deliver a thrilling experience and Sideways has that by the bucket load. I personally feel Sideways is better than either of the above-mentioned games, albeit unfinished. If you prefer your shooter to be nothing less than FAST and FURIOUS, then this was made just for you!! It's perfect.

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