Thursday, March 23, 2017


Sideways is an unreleased game by the same fella who brought us Nitro, Jamie Woodhouse. Imagine what would happen if somebody mashed together Uridium with Return To Genesis and you get the idea. It's a face-paced shooter featuring graphics that zoom along at 50fps for insanely smooth visuals, whether you have a Blitter or not.

Although incomplete, it's impossible not to be impressed by this ridiculously exciting game. The controls feel natural and responsive when manoeuvring with precise turning and acceleration. A variety of baddies constantly appear to torment the player and you should also note the landscape layout to avoid smashing into the scenery. An energy meter is decreasing constantly but will be replenished by simply shooting the energy crystals littered throughout.


Power-ups are available to purchase between levels for increased firepower, shields, and also adding weaponry to both the side and rear of your craft. You can even buy the ability to transform into a tank, a cool Xenon rip off I thought. However, don't waste cash on extra lives because the function of life loss was never implemented.

I am shocked and saddened that this was never released but it's certainly impossible not to be impressed by this feat of incredible programming. Any shoot 'em up needs great mechanics for a thrilling gameplay experience and Sideways has that by the bucket load. I personally feel Sideways is better than either of the above-mentioned games, albeit unfinished. If you love a fast and furious shooter then this tremendous shoot 'em up is perfect for you!

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