Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dodgy Box Art


Today I thought that I'd go through my collection of Atari ST games and pick out the ones which are just wrong. Thankfully, I only found two, an odd movie spoof with the other giving me goosebumps - for all the wrong reasons. Seriously, it does make you wonder what these two companies were thinking when they agreed to release!!
  • Leatherneck takes the biscuit for most camp cover art, ever! I'm relieved to see that the game itself is far better with multiplayer support and sample sounds but the one-directional shooting helps make it incredibly tough. However, anything by Steve Bak is always worth playing right? The graphics are smooth and look great, and the chipmusic is downright beautiful - a timeless quality. If you like Leatherneck then you will love Fernandez Must Die.
  • Galdregons Domain gets the award for dodgy rip-off with its blatant Conan The Destroyer cover. Evil has been unleashed, yet again, and we've been chosen to battle against its minions and recover five precious gems to save us all from peril. Aesthetically gorgeous and very enjoyable, this dungeon crawler is pretty darn excellent - once you've got over the steep learning curve. Highly recommended, a much-underrated adventure!
Right then, if you're also feeling creeped out by these two "works of art" then click here now to remedy that :-)


 - Leatherneck can be run from a hard drive or floppy thanks to Klaz's Hideaway.
 - Galdregon's Domain can be installed to your hard drive thanks to 8BitChip.
 - Old Games Finder has access to all the floppy disks for both games.
 - I hope you enjoyed my (own) box art captures? There are more within our Atari ST box art section.

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