Thursday, March 09, 2017


Thumping chiptune of the day is awarded to Thurst! Earlier, I enjoyed a belting game of this golden oldie but I now suffer the reward of having its funky music booming through my tiny little mind. Yep, I just can't get it out of my head so it's a good job then that it's one of my favourites! Such a memorable Rob Hubbard masterpiece.

Now, I don't remember too many rave magazine reviews. Probably because it didn't appear that much better than the 8-Bit games? That is actually a good thing, its style is perfect and I'm sure any cosmetic changes would have been a huge mistake, remember Chuckie Egg 2... Anyhow, this a tough game but stick with it because the rewards are huge with massive gameplay longevity. I love Thrust and highly recommended it - a cracking retro game!


 - 8BitChip has a version of Thrust that you can install to hard drive.
 - Those that need the floppy disk can check out Old Games Finder.
 - SNDH Record is the place to visit if you fancy driving yourself crazy with this gorgeous chiptune?
 - Masochists can even download it to play later, courtesy of the SNDH Archive. All good fun :-)

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