Thursday, March 09, 2017


It's time to relive my college days!

The thumping chiptune of the day is awarded to Thrust!! Let me explain... Earlier, I enjoyed a couple of games but now I must suffer the reward of having its funky music booming through my tiny little mind. Yep, I just can't get it out of my head lol. Well, it's a good job then that it's one of my favourite Rob Hubbard masterpieces.

I love Thrust but I don't recall many rave magazine reviews? Probably because it didn't appear that much of a technical improvement over the 8-bit games? Well, for me, that is a good thing because it's perfect and any cosmetic changes would have been a huge mistake. Remember Chuckie Egg 2, a shockingly "enhanced" 16-Bit disaster!

Thankfully, Thrust isn't like that. It's still that same great game with tough mechanics and hugely addictive gameplay. I love it and so will you because it's a cracking game that is as good now as it's ever been. I should know, I spent most of my college years in their 'library' playing Thrust on a BBC Micro instead of studying!

It looks funky, sounds boomtastic and plays great so is a timeless classic for the Atari ST. Love it!!

D-Bug has a version of Thrust that you can install onto a hard drive/ultrasatan.
Those that need the floppy disk can check out Old Games Finder.
SNDH Record is the place if you fancy driving yourself crazy with this gorgeous chiptune?
Masochists can download it to play later, courtesy of the SNDH Archive. All good fun :-)

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