Friday, September 01, 2017

Jumping Jack'son

Jack is a fella who simply wanted to chill out and listen to a few of his favourite records but he never got the chance because the soul of Rock 'n Roll is somehow trapped and now manic classical instruments roam the land looking for blood. Of course, your blood... Yep, if ever there was ever a strange idea for a game then this is it!

Jack's world is viewed top-down and made up of square tiles which he can hop on. There are also special groups which can produce a record if you turn them all the same colour. This must correspond to an unused turntable so, for example, a red record for a red player. The song will gradually compile as each record player is activated and the level is complete once all are working.

Each level is like a jigsaw and isn't always continuous so the use of a transporter is required. However, this can be dangerous as it's often not always possible to see the destination so you might bump into a baddie. These angry instruments love to chase and if you get too close it's a life lost, but at least you witness a humorous "Pif-Paf" cartoon-like effect! There are many items to collect for extra points and other features to look out for - wear a pair of cool shades or rest and safely gather your nerves on a chequered tile. Also, why not try dropping a couple of your old cassettes on the floor to block an instrument dead in his tracks. Well, for a few seconds but it gives you that break you desperately need and nobody needs those old tapes anyhow! As you progress, the maps become far more technical to offer a great challenge in this insane musical world which makes no sense. This game is not easy but is always superbly entertaining.

Aesthetically, Infogrames have worked their magic and produced another jaw dropper. The music is great and the sound effects are hilarious, I love it when instruments violently bash out their sounds if you get too close. Graphics are constantly rich in colour with smooth scrolling and fantastic animations. Heck, even the high-score table is funky, but can you beat my first attempt? -->

This is actually pretty simple puzzler but presents itself well to feel fresh and innovative with such addictive gameplay. Jumping Jack'Son is superb and has lots of unique humour - come on, there's nothing like an angry trumpet chasing you down the screen! It's obvious a lot of love went into making this game and I cannot recommend it highly enough. A personal favourite of mine.


 - 8BitChip has a cool download that can be installed onto your hard drive.
 - Floppy disk dudes should try Reanimators #11 from Stonish or Automation #239 via Old Games Finder.

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