Friday, September 22, 2017

Space Monsters

Space Monsters was developed by Darren Ithell for Goodman PDL and I'm sure you've already guessed it's a Panic conversion. Each screen has the expected platforms and ladders with lots of horrid nasties roaming. It's instant death if you bump into one so Spaceman has discovered the best way to kill these critters is to dig holes to trap them. Once they've foolishly got themselves stuck (for a few seconds) he has the opportunity to whack 'em hard with our spade. This sees them fall to a splattery death. Spaceman is a gruesome fella but whatever works, right?

Oh, the nasties in this game are so... well... nasty!! The Boss is tough but Don is a killer!!

There are three types of monsters with the first being pretty gullible and easy to kill but the others aren't quite so dumb and possess freakishly cunning AI. These are also much stronger and need to fall a greater distance to die. If any manage to climb out (or fail to fall far enough) then they will only come back faster, stronger and extremely angry!! There's also a time limit so don't dawdle and get them killed before your oxygen runs out...

Creature is a cute but gullible guy. However, temporally falling into a hole makes him so angry!!

Space Monsters is fantastic. The controls are superb and the difficulty level gradually increases for a stressful experience: tactically digging the holes whilst worrying about what might creep up on you is truly a PANIC!! My only moan is that I cannot fall down the holes otherwise, the authenticity for both style and gameplay has been perfectly captured. Finally, the sound effect for the "ROAR" that the monsters make will scare you to death!! o.O

Space Monsters is nothing short of retro gaming at its finest and is a brilliant version of Panic!!

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