Friday, September 08, 2017


PouifOuf is a platformer written in GFA Basic for the Atari STe by Le GLod. It has us collecting pointless items left lying around familiar-looking screens and we can only move onto the next level once all are collected.

Movement and control of our cool dude are both fast and energetic with a playability style that reminds me of Roger. We are only able to walk left or right which means there is no way to jump or to use any weapon with our magic pockets! However, all is not lost, each level has several platforms with "springboards" that will propel us upwards to reach every item. It's now that you realise the cunning navigation needed to beat the maze-like level designs because there is often a specific way to win. Beware of silly enemies who love to get underfoot, they aren't lethal but will humorously bounce your around the screen like a pinball. Also, fruit items fall from the top of the screen but don't appear to do much more than to offer a little visual diversity. I assume PouifOuf is an unfinished project and I'd love to know more about this GEM... I've contacted Le Glod but heard nothing back as yet...

The visuals are lovely and incredibly smooth to compliment the ultra-fast gameplay. However, and I cannot stress this highly enough, please forget about emulation and play using a real Atari STe for the best experience. Sound effects and music can be activated at any time using the Function keys but I preferred the gorgeous chiptune myself.

I admit to being sceptical at first because of an ultra tight learning curve and mechanics which aren't exactly what I expected. However, I'm smiling like a Cheshire Cat thanks to this furious platformer and its superb playability, albeit unfinished. PouifOuf isn't a word I can pronounce but I do know a great game when I see it. This is a great game!!

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