Monday, December 02, 2019


Kermit would be proud!

I've been given an opportunity to playtest the latest alpha v1.2 update of Frogs by Thomas Ilg. I previously got to play this game what feels like a lifetime ago, but Thomas didn't stop and has made some improvements: faster code, additional Atari STe features and some interesting ideas - along with some I didn't like!

Anyhow, I've had a play and reported back my thoughts. It was long before I was given an updated version...

It's crazy with four froggies hopping around the screen but have you that many friends?

What, a Froggy game?

Yep, and frogs love ponds so each screen is a giant pond of lilypads that stay floating on the water's surface for a short time. Hop around the screen looking for bugs and then press fire to stick out your tongue - and feed your belly. Be quick and beat the other players but watch out because their AI is superb - plus it's fun watching them brawl amongst themselves!! Oh, tongues have more than one use so don't be a pushover.

Numerous ponds are available with three different gameplay modes and support for 2-4 players. Controls are rather unique using the keyboard, joystick, Jagpad or ST4PLAYER via the parallel port. Players can either be human or computer-controlled and there's even the option for a Midi link-up. Tell me you're not impressed!!

The C64 graphics are superb and add something extra retro to the game.

Yeah, Commodore!

One of the new enhancements is scrolling. Yup, the playfield (umm, pond) now scrolls on the Atari STe and, in my recording, you can see how this works. It's a treat and I (mostly) loved it. However, I thought that the single-player mode needed to scroll much more because it felt somehow restricted (to me). So a new "Single Frog Scrolling" option has been implemented for one-player and this also includes the C64 mode. Absolutely incredible.

Of course, purists will be relieved to hear that the scrolling will be an option selectable from within the game's menu. Yup, it won't be forced which I personally think will please folk from all corners? Well, I hope so!

The graphic modes are going to shine alongside the recent (and staggering) framerate improvements when running on the Atari STe - we're talking 2VBL / 25fps. I'm also happy to announce other minor improvements that are in the pipeline, like the decals which I thought desperately needed changing!!

Steve the frog always wins because he's the greatest!! :o)

The CryptO'pinion?

Frogs is a brilliant game and my sneak peek into the stuff #InDev is proving to be extremely fascinating. For me, the option to scroll the screen is a fantastic idea and it is implemented really well. But I'm happy to see Thomas is not restricting the Atari STe by the limitations of either the older Atari ST or the original C64 game. Yup, he is making good use of the Atari STe so I'm excited to see what's coming next. Watch this space folks...

* Update: Frogs v1.2 Beta is now available to download *

If you've been living on another planet and missed out on this amphibious wonder then I suggest you head over to AtariMania and download it right now. Sorry, but you will have to wait a little longer to play v1.2 :-)

Also, consider buying Frogs boxed w/ its own multiplayer adapter!!

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  1. Neat game. He did a very good job. STe owners must be on cloud nine. Congratulations on him! 🎉