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Sunday, December 22, 2019


Thundercats was released back in 1988 by Elite and is obviously based on the old kid's TV show. Now, I don't remember the programme myself but YouTube does, which meant I finally got to see what all the fuss was about. An interesting show for the time and I can see many similarities, especially with the characters.

The Atari ST game represents the cartoon as a sideways-scrolling platformer shooter played over a number of (torturous) levels. We are Lion-O, a Thundercat with flame-red hair and a huge sword who battles against strange animal foes. These baddies are from something called Mumm-Ra who have not only stolen the Thundera jewel but have also kidnapped the other Thundercats. I think this translates as - we need to save the day!

The first level breaks you into the mayhem nicely. Look for power-ups and try not to panic (like me!)

Being attacked by so many birds isn't great fun... And I didn't like that slowwwwww laser gun!

The terrain is simple with lots of monsters, killer water, disappearing platforms, and rocks/etc to leap over - but watch out for the bigger baddies who will follow. Random power-ups will appear at regular intervals and will need to be hit before you can collect them (I liked the mushrooms). An extra life is appreciated but I wasn't thrilled about the laser gun which is limited because it doesn't fire far. Thus annoying when something is just out of reach!

Gameplay is regularly broken up by bonus rounds and trying to rescue Tygra proved impossible: one-touch and you have failed in the mission!! Also, the levels are broken up into themes and you're asked which you'd like to play: they are Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Basically, little changes but we do get different visuals and baddies to kill.

That creepy fella is tough, so repeatedly hit him where it hurts! And don't forget the mushroom power-ups...

Hang on, what's this? Well, it turns out to be a pretty lame spaceship and it uses that silly laser too...

Joystick controls are rather easy to learn and also very responsive: left/right walks our flame-haired hero and he can also jump and crouch with ease. I liked these controls which work well and the best part is our huge sword - which puts Conan's to shame!! However, it is oddly used more like a club which is weird, but it works...

Sadly, no matter how responsive the controls are - there are far too many baddies to cope with. This is because they appear from both sides of the screen - so you're soon overrun as the hoards gang up on you. To make matters worse, your weapon can only kill what is directly in front of it so you're constantly jumping, crouching, turning around... Add that to everything else and it won't be long until you've died - or launched your joystick in frustration!!


Visually, things are rather good I thought. Colours are bold and represent the cartoony-feeling very well plus I also loved sprites which are superbly detailed. However, what shocks me most is how smooth the scrolling is and with a second parallax layer too. It's always nice to see when developers don't wimp out with flick/push-scrolling.

The in-game sound effects are okay, even if everything sounds all too familiar. However, it's the music I adore. This game ROCKS and the theme tune is pure Rob Hubbard awesomeness! It's brilliant and I love every second!

I love the macabre artwork here. It's a bit crude yet very cool... and his toes are funny!

I always fail to rescue poor old Tygra! But a spooky dude offers us different paths through the game...

 Click on the green arrow and enjoy this outstanding Rob Hubbard chiptune. Mmm, I love it!!


Thundercats is a good game even if ridiculously difficult. My red-haired hero was walking, jumping and crouching like crazed hip-hopster on speed yet I still couldn't kill every attacking monster without dying loads of times!! Even when using a trainer, it's still too hard but at least I got to see the later levels. Hmm, not very good?

I've moaned a lot about this game and yes, it's crammed full of annoying mechanics. However, it's still a game to boot up because it looks good, sounds great, and who doesn't enjoy clobbering animals with a huge sword? Personally, I'm more of a He-Man fan but I still enjoyed this platformer and I think you will too. Well, with a trainer!!

AtariMania has the Super Pack floppy disks and 8BitChip has a hard drive installable version!

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