Monday, April 17, 2017


Starburst is a shareware game by Chris Skellern that grants us the gratifying experience of blowing everything up and is actually based on a Sinclair QL game, which is such an obscure oddity. The main objective is to find six power bases and decimate them before we can attempt the ultimate goal of killing the super brain... Oooooh!! Pilot a spaceship through lots (and lots) of caverns, destroying everything you see and when I say everything I really do mean everything. That's about all there is to this simplistically brilliant game. There is little in the way of an original storyline, fancy graphics, or challenging objectives but let's face it sometimes you just wanna blow stuff up!

Use the joystick to control our ugly spaceship through each screen. This has the ability to fire in three directions which can be altered at any time using the numerical keypad. Unfortunately, you won't see this in the gameplay animation, above, because my Mac doesn't have a numeric keypad... Typically, I later found a keyboard and made a quick animation. Click this >>

Aesthetically, this isn't going to blow your mind. The graphics and sounds are totally retro and I love everything about that. I also liked the details of the buildings which I find quite charming and I'm personally reminded of Harrier Attack on my old ZX Spectrum. The chipmusic is superb with in-game sampled sound effects that aren't all that bad considering.

I loved Starburst. Stop thinking. Destroy everything. Pure old skool arcade fun. And everything goes BOOM!!!


 - The awesome Stonish website has Starburst on this Menu CD: Serenade #37.
 - Beat my high score if you can. No cheating!!