Monday, April 17, 2017


Graphics never make the game

Starburst is a shareware game by Chris Skellern that grants us a gratifying opportunity to blow stuff up. In fact, we can blow up everything! This space-shoot 'em up is based on an old Sinclair QL game which is pretty cool when you think about it. The objective is to find six power bases and decimate them before attempting the ultimate goal of killing the super brain.

Oooooh, that sounds amazing, right? Pilot your spaceship through lots of rocky caverns, destroying everything that you come across. And, when I say everything, I really do mean everything so have yourself some fun!! Directional firing is available using the keypad, which I've demonstrated here in this simple animated GIF.

No screenshots? Okay, aesthetically, this game isn't going to blow your mind with its boring 8-Bit visuals. However, that's the era I grew up in so I don't need fancy graphics to enjoy myself. In fact, Starburst reminds me of Harrier Attack - remember that one? The chip music is superb with in-game sampled sound effects that aren't all that bad if I'm honest.

Starburst is dead simple and explosive fun so stop thinking and destroy everything. Yes, everything!!

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