Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Chronicles Of Omega

The lands of Omega have always been peaceful until the day came when a demon captured all of the children from the village. Play as either Alwin or Irma and battle your way through five evil infested lands, killing everything in your wake, defeating Demon Champions (aka end of level bosses). Ultimately, be the hero and save the day!

Chronicles Of Omega was released by ARC/Atari in 1990 and is probably the first commercial game to feature support for the enhanced Atari STe making use of the hardware scrolling and DMA Audio. This is a cute looking platformer with interesting levels which aren't big so can possibly be completed too quickly? Power-ups are available from the Good Witch who pops up halfway through the levels to make a profit out of you and your noble crusade. Her prices aren't cheap so it's lucky that slain monsters leave behind their pennies for you to collect. However, all power-ups are lost after losing a life, which sucks! End of level guardians are rather lame and quite easy to defeat but they still somehow have an annoying ability to materialise right where you're standing which is rubbish.

The Atari ST on the left has extra colours (for the sky) but the silky smooth-STe version does not.

Visually, this is such a treat with lovely detailed characters and scenery which is both rich in colour with smooth-as-silk scrolling (Atari STe) and gorgeous skies (Atari ST). Audio is played using the DMA hardware but sadly still appears very poor, especially under emulation, and I prefer the chip sounds from the STFM version by far.

I love platformers but I must admit to being disappointed by this enigma. It looks great on both models of Atari ST but the magic wand's mechanics are rather lame and spoil what could have been a nice game. This is due to your magic wand which can only fire two shots at any given time, therefore possibly leaving you defenceless in some situations. Now, I pushed myself through the fluffy pain barrier and endured the silly controls and (shockingly) I found myself starting to enjoy this quirky game. Chronicles Of Omega isn't terrible but it also isn't that great so there ya go...


 - 8BitChip have a hard drive installable game which is ace!
 - Old Games Finder has access to all the floppy disks you could ever desire.

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