Tuesday, August 08, 2023


505's Blubbersongs by Paradox

Every so often, I leave a music disk playing in the background as I work. After all, what's better than living life like it's still the 1990s? Nothing beats the groovy music my Atari ST knocks out and I've already got many favourites disks. Oddly, I haven't listened to Blubbersongs in many years which is by Paradox and stuffed with 27 superb tunes by 505.

Nils Feske/505 pushes maxYMiser to produce some incredible music with a selection utilizing the STe DMA hardware - which I really enjoyed. Shockingly, there are no YouTube video recordings so I made my own - it demonstrates a couple of minutes from each track. Use only to whet your appetite, because nothing beats real hardware (best on the Atari STe).

All music by 505
Coding and graphics by Paranoid
Coding by RA
maxYMiser by gwEm
ASCII graphics by Lotek Style
Graphics by Zweckform

Download available on Demozoo.

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