Thursday, August 03, 2023

Cosmos Chronicles

Gamopat goodness!

It's always exciting to hear of new games being released for our amazing Atari ST/e. Sadly, it always feels that other vintage computers get the support that our 16-bit fuji lacks (hey, whatever happened to AGT). Anyhow, I've been following the Cosmos Chronicles on/off for many moons but it's originally a French Gamopat game which means I understood now't!! Yep, I know little beyond "bonjour" and "jeu" so I eagerly awaited an English version I could fully enjoy.

Well, you knew this was coming... Wait no more, the international edition of Cosmos Chronicles is finally out. It's beta v0.95 so might feature a few problems in translation but that's nothing your feedback cannot fix! I've played a little after work today and I must say it's really impressive. You might say it's Ultima-impressive so very much worth the wait!!

Wanna see a couple of screenshots about the background story? Yeah, come on and gander at these babies...

It's a bit "empty" and soulless I thought. Are you still interested?

I'd say so! This is a strange baseline but carry on scrolling...

Frontier, Ultima, Sundog, whaaaaat?

Personally, I instantly had an Ultima V vibe, which was excellent but, there is more to this game than first meets the eye. Roguelike comes to the Atari ST yet again and what's more, it looks the part with a style I love. Yes, it does draw heavily on the imagination but that's the best way - I don't want anything "better" as this would bloat and spoil the whole experience. Also, I cannot help but mention the audio surprise when first booting up - thank you Count Zero :)

Okay, guys, this #rpg release is completely free to download. However, please consider contributing a little of your hard-earned cash to help support Dr Floyd/Gamopat for all the hard graft that's obviously gone into the production of this tremendous game. I truly do mean that because this game is very promising and I'm hugely excited about it!!

Here is the download link with a copy & paste of the basics along with some of my fabulous screenshots...

The whole universe in your ATARI ST: 200 billion galaxies, hundreds of billions of stars and planets in each galaxy (*), the possibility of visiting every patch of grass or rock on every planet, houses, caves, the ultimate open world. The ability to eat, drink, poop, shower, repair your ship, booze in the pub, fight in arenas, play in casinos and arcades, pray to the Gods, buy condoms, go on space trips, slalom between asteroids, see things no one has ever seen at the edge of space, to infinity and beyond.

The uncompromising #ROGUELIKE
- Persistent universe
- You only have one true life
- There's no going back. You die, it's over... just like in real life ;)
A combined tribute to the following
- ULTIMA IV and V, for gameplay & visual rendering (which draws heavily on the imagination)
- ELITE and ELITE FRONTIER (for the open world and space trading)
- SUNDOG (for futuristic adventure and numerous gameplay possibilities/interactions)
Atari computer compatibility
- ATARI STE (supports Blitter)
- ATARI TT (a little fast)
- FALCON 030 (too fast?)

So, first things first, we need to seek out the farm as there's trouble afoot!

As you can see, these aren't friendly soldiers at all and kill your family.

Look inside the house for a weapon and let's kick their arse!

The English breaks up a little in places but you get the general gist. Hey, check out that rabbit!

The family are slain but there's no time to mourn as we go looking for anything useful.

Yeah, I found a cave and hoped for treasure but all I found were demons!

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