Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Unreversable demo (2013) by M.E.C for Atari ST
Credits : bob_er (code) | Dhor (music) | gwEm (code/music)

I recently came across a rather mesmerising demo the other night on Demozoo and I just had to recorded it as it's blummin' lovely! Unreversable is an ascii art sensation accompanied with a funk & dunk of ace chip music. This is a truly outstanding demo and certainly a showpiece of difference. Perhaps the most amazing detail is that it's a 64kb demo, incredible! A marvellous demo that I hope you enjoy.

 Unreversable is by a group of talented 8-bit'ers called Masters Of Electric City.
 (creators of Unbeatable - a monochrome Atari ST demo - so watch this video also!!)