Sunday, November 08, 2015


Whilst enjoying my cuppa joe this morning (using my cool Atari ST mug) I stumbled upon a tweet about Ballerburg, an old 2 player turn-based artillery game by Eckhard Kruse. This is a fabulous strategy game that is all about two enemies blasting each other to smithereens! Two enemy castles with a mountain in between and one objective - destroy the other! So calculate your cannon's angled power and then blast them to bits!

However, Ballerburg requires two additional demands over your typical game : the ability to read German and also a monochrome hi-res monitor. But let's be honest, as ST users we already know a lot of German and we can also get around the need for a monochrome monitor by using Sebra.

Enough writing and time to get back to playing Ballerburg! In fact, my Mega STe is running the game right now and I'm (trying) to teach our 6-year old daughter the basic mechanics of the game. Yes, I am going to destroy her!!!


- Take a look at Eckhard Kruse's own website and also Ballerburg has a wiki page too!
- Sebra - put this tiny app inside your AUTO folder to allow monochrome software to run.
- The fun continues on, there is also a Mac game out!
- So you didn't believe me about my Atari ST mug, uh? (picture)
- Interestingly, Eckhard also created one of my favourite early demos. Here is my video recording!