Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sleeping Gods Lie

You're on Tessera, a world once rich but now suffering famine, disease, and a crime wave that only Robocop could fix. Their god, N'Gnir, strangely seems to be in slumber so it's your mission to find him, wake him up, and put an end to all the madness. It won't be easy because you must battle your way through the numerous different lands and each has eight kingdoms. This game is huge so pack some butties because it's unlikely you will be home for tea!

You begin from the comfort of your own castle which looks impressive from the outside but rather sparsely decorated within - there is only a chair! So let's exit and see what awaits us outside... and it's not long before you see chaos roams the land. Almost everyone is nuts and I guarantee you'll be stoned by angry villagers within seconds! These brawls are all too frequent and lots of fun too but beware of something hideous guarding the exit. Thankfully, a few characters are normal and these are the guys you should take the time to talk too for helpful information. As the box says, this isn't just an adventure game and is full to the brim with action and basic puzzles within a curious new world. There are many puzzles to be completed such as feeding a giant critter with mouldy cheese. These aren't brain-blasters and the information you acquire will soon fall into place if you talk to the right people.

The first-person engine is fast but the landscapes are sparse with distant objects being nothing more than fuzzy pixels - until close. Title music is chiptune magic but in-game sound effects are as sparse as the landscapes. Controls are perfect - mouse looks or moves but do also use the keyboard for a fantastic combination (not seen in the video). Hint, pressing F3 allows you to run rather than walk and I found this to be the greatest benefit.

Sleeping Gods Lie is an enthralling game with some very interesting ideas. It's not perfect and I wish the character interaction was better and a more visually detailed environment would have been nice. Overall, there's no denying this game is interesting, addictive and I love the mix of instant one-on-one skirmishes whilst exploring the lands. I feel this is an adventure to dig your heels into one quiet weekend so find a bag of stones and get out there!


 - 8BitChip has created a version which can be installed on a hard drive.
 - Old Games Finder has all the floppy disks you should ever need.

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