Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sleeping Gods Lie

I wasn't so sure about this game, at first. I remember playing it back in the day simply because it boasted a first-person engine, which was always enough to spark my curiosity. However, I guess I was expecting an action shoot 'em up because I got bored and that was that.

You're on Tessera, a world once rich but now suffering famine, disease, and a crime wave that only Robocop could fix. Its god, N'Gnir, who created everything seems to strangely be enjoying a slumber party so it's your mission to find him, wake him and put an end to all this madness. The trouble is, you will need to battle your way through the numerous lands within each of the eight kingdoms that exist. So it's unlikely you will be home for tea!

You begin your adventure from the comfort of your own home. A castle! It looks amazing on the outside but inside is rather sparsely decorated and contains one chair. So let's leave and see what's outside. It won't be long before you see chaos roams the lands, everyone here appears nuts and aren't very friendly at all. Wherever you go, I guarantee you'll be confronted by a local yob that enjoys the fine art of stoning. You will soon become familiar these frequent brawls and you'll also note that something hideous is always guarding any doorways. It's now that you realise saving your progress, as often as possible, is a must! Thankfully, a few people are normal and these are the guys you should take the time to talk too... When you're not stoning fella citizens, there are many puzzles to be completed along your journey, such as the moldy cheese for a giant mouse. Thankfully the puzzles aren't brain blasters and the information you acquire along your journey will begin to fall into place as you progress making this something you will keep on returning to. This isn't just an adventure game, as the box says, it's full to the brim with arcade, strategy and adventure elements. It's fun advancing forward into new pastures, solving the simple puzzles and fighting folk!

Movement is best with the mouse or you can use the arrow keys if you prefer. A combination of both can also be used and this comes in handy during hectic battles. Pressing F3 allows you to run rather than walk and I found this to be the greatest benefit of all. I do wish the character interaction was better to provide more depth to the storyline. The graphics engine is fast but the landscapes are a little bear of objects. Many are nothing more than a wobbly mess of pixels until you get closer.

Sleeping Gods Lie comes close but I was left feeling a mix of hot and cold, I felt it needed better character interaction and also the levels are somewhat void. However, it does present an interested venture and one with a good mix of arcade fun with strategic thinking. A pretty cool adventure to dig your heels into one quiet weekend. Recommended.


 - Here is a little video I made for your viewing pleasure!
 - AtariMania has Sleeping Gods Lie in their ST database website.
 - 8BitChip has created a version which can be installed onto hard drive!