Saturday, November 14, 2015


A brand new GEM game!

Yopaz is a new Sokoban-themed puzzler by Cedric Bourse which stars a happy chap who collects stars. This is a GEM program but slick, very smooth and even features ambient sounds on 4MB Atari STe computers.

We're in the vacuum of space, so all movement follows the laws of physics: once Yopaz begins travelling, he is committed to that direction until hitting an object. So think and take your time because you will need to use the ice blocks to manoeuvre and collect all the stars. There are other oddities, like blocks that aren't ice but will instead teleport you to a different place entirely. It always pays to study the screen before taking action.

Also, there is an advanced mode for those with a sadistic desire to punish their brains even more on levels that are incideously cunning. This is a brain killing choice, so you have been warned!!

Cedric Bourse, aka Orion_ (not Orion), has a website where you can download a playable demo and he is only asking for $4 to purchase the full game. An incredibly cheap asking price for such a brilliant puzzler!

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