Saturday, November 14, 2015


Yopaz is a brand new game developed by Cedric Bourse and features a happy chap who has a lust for collecting stars in his Sokoban-inspired universe. However, being in the vacuum of space means that, once he starts moving, he is committed to travelling in that particular direction until bumping into an object. So, you need to cunningly use ice wall blocks to manoeuvre yourself in order to collect all the stars dotted about each level. Curious oddities exist like blocks that aren't ice but instead will teleport you out in a different direction elsewhere on the map. Interestingly, there is also an advanced mode for those with a sadistic desire to push their brains even harder - it's a KILLER!!

The game runs within a GEM window and is super smooth. Sound effects are simple but very nice and, if you have a min of 3MB Ram free, then you can also enjoy ambient sounds played via the DMA coprocessor. Cedric Bourse (aka Orion_) has a website where you can download a playable demo but he is only asking for $4 to purchase the full game. That is incredibly cheap and hardly going to break the bank so buy it - I have :-)