Friday, November 06, 2015

The Immortal

You are a wizard and have been asked to help out another wizard that appears to be in a spot of bother. He is called Mordamir and somehow thinks your name is Dunric, which it isn't. So will you still help him? Of course, you will... However, it will involve exploring creepy dungeons infested with numerous nasty creatures. Still feeling brave? Well, it is time to wear clean underwear and venture forth into the realms of myth, sorcery, and brutal horror!

Never has such an adventure game featured so many tricks, traps, battles and vicious deaths!!

The Immortal is a scrolling isometric adventure set within a creepy labyrinth full of unforgiving traps and ghastly horrors. In fact, it's these characteristics which will torment even the most experienced adventurer along his journey and you will most definitely witness the bloodiest of deaths. This isn't a game you can complete in a few attempts because its design dictates the need for a determined player and one who will fall victim to many gruesome deaths.

Learn how to battle and defeat your foe. Sometimes you're rewarded - look at me - Weee!!

Lurking within the labyrinth are trolls, goblins and lots of other scary creatures with some have exquisite names - like The Shades, that you encounter early. A life form that hides in the darkness, only casting a faint shadow under firelight - are you scared yet? Each room is unique and has its own battles, treasures, and pitfalls to solve, so think first, be vigilant and always on your guard. The good news is that you can often avoid a confrontation by being stealthy, but brave warriors can always use their weapon or even conjure magic spells to beat their foe.

Watch your step in this crazy world. Even the monsters appear to hate each other!

Expect your endurance to be tested to the full with each level's cruel traps, thankfully each isn't overly large so they are within eventual reach of learning. Exploration is the key to success so examine everything that may help later on. Finally, don't forget to rest, if you see a straw bed then take the time for forty winks, gain a little health and maybe even an enlightening dream. There is no save game function instead you will be awarded level passwords which first seem disappointing but it certainly forces you to tread carefully thus creating a more knowledgeable adventurer.

Killing is tough work so let's take a nap before going for a ride. Whatever floats your boat!

The Immortal is a groundbreaker due to its gripping storyline, eerie atmospheric and a captivating adventure. Mix that in with both RPG and arcade elements and it's apparent why I love this game. An extremely excellent game offering hours of agonising pleasure as you uncover its secrets. The Immortal is a cruel yet highly addictive adventure.

Floppy disks can be found using Old Games Finder and 8BitChip has a hard disk installable version.

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