Friday, November 06, 2015

The Immortal

A thinking man's Diablo!

I have always found something quite appealing about exploring a monster-infested dungeon and this is one of the best and most unique there is. Designed by Will Harvey and programmed by Brett G. Durrett, The Immortal offers a challenging experience of solving puzzles and surviving long enough to see what's around the corner.

We are a wizard who has been asked to help another wizard that's in a spot of bother. He is called Mordamir and somehow thinks your name is Dunric, which it isn't. Will you still help him? Of course, you will, even though we later find out this means exploring creepy dungeons infested with hideous nasties intent on your demise.

Are you still feeling brave? Stop. Don't lie. Be absolutely sure before accepting the challenge of this brutal adventure. Okay, you're still here. Then it's time for clean underwear as we venture forth into the realms of myth, sorcery, and brutal violence. Let's check out a few screenshots of the sinister troubles that lay ahead...

Do you think it's safe walking around down here? Well, you shouldn't!!

Learn how best to battle to defeat your foe. And why not chat to the locals?

That's some drop there. Best watch your step or come back later?

Welcome to a dark place with monsters and lots of traps!

The Immortal is a scrolling isometric adventure set within a creepy labyrinth of unforgiving pitfalls and ghastly horrors. I cannot stress that enough, right from the start too. These harsh characteristics will torment even the most experienced adventurer so you will witness the bloodiest of deaths at a most frequent rate. Never have I played a game like this with so many hidden traps so grab a pen and paper to make notes.

Lurking within the labyrinth are trolls, goblins and lots of scary creatures that want you dead. Some have exquisite names like The Shades which you encounter early and are a life form that hides in the darkness, only casting a faint shadow under a firelight. Are you scared yet? You should be, this game is callous and ruthless.

As you can now imagine, The Immortal isn't a game you can rush and complete quickly. Its design dictates a need for a determined player with patience. One who will fall victim to many gruesome deaths in order to learn the ropes. Don't underestimate it and grab that pen and paper to make notes, you'll need them. Trust me.

Hey, I hear there's a prince over in Persia that would love one of those carpets!!

You will die and die and die!

Each room is unique and has its own battles, treasures, and pitfalls - so think first, be vigilant and always on your guard. The good news is that you can often avoid a confrontation by being stealthy, but brave warriors can always use their weapons or conjure magic spells to beat their foe. Expect your endurance to be tested to the full by each level's cruel traps which are often hidden. Argghh, there are so many bloodthirsty traps!

Careful exploration is the key to success. Take your time but also make sure to examine everything. Who knows, that item may help later on and a slain victim is a great place to find what you need. Hey, what's better than plundering a dead corpse? Finally, don't forget to rest, if you see a straw bed then take the time to catch up on your sleep and enjoy forty winks. This restores health and might even produce an enlightening dream...

Sadly, there is no instant save function. Instead, at the end of each level, successful wizards are awarded a certificate ie level password. Yes, this might appear disappointing but the levels aren't overly massive plus it forces you to tread carefully and be a better adventurer. Cheaters skipping levels will soon realise the error of their ways.

Even the monsters appear to hate each other. Let's watch them fight!


All visuals are by Michael Marcantel and Ian Gooding and are absolutely excellent. They've helped to create a dungeon of horrors using a dark and creepy design that works well. Each room looks the part plus all monsters are ghoulishly drawn with good animation. I wonder how much inspiration was later taken from this old game?

Spot-effects are used for lots of actions and various pieces of chip music by Doug Fulton feature throughout the levels. Some dislike the tunes for a game like this whereas others enjoy them. You can run with sound effects only but I fear you will be missing out on much atmosphere if you do. Personally, I'd leave the music on.

I never expected a boat ride - whitewater madness style!!

The CryptO'pinion?

The Immortal is groundbreaking due to its gripping storyline, eerie atmospheric and captivating deeds. Mix that in with a style employing adventure, action and RPG and it's apparent why I love it so. An extremely excellent game offering hours of agonising pleasure as you uncover its secrets. The Immortal is cruel, yet highly addictive!!

Download for floppy or hard drive.

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