Tuesday, February 02, 2016

© 1985

Asteroids by Atari, a true arcade classic from those innocent days and also a game converted for just about every home computer since. Back in 1985 Megamax gave us Megaroids, an Asteroids clone written using their own C programming tool at that time.

I initially imagined a badly coded effort with laughable graphics and terrible gameplay but I couldn't have been more wrong! Megaroids not only looks gorgeous (for Asteroids!) but plays even better with authentic gameplay styles you would expect.

It's as fun and frantic as it is repetitive, yet all this somehow gels together to work perfectly. Gone are the vector graphics in favour of nicely drawn bitmaps which move like ice sliding along more slippy ice. Colour systems haven't been ignored, the programmers have used an interlace method that produces the same resolution as ST High, but in colour and is a fascinating concept that works extremely well. Sound effects are a little sparse but it's the gameplay that matters the most and thankfully Megaroids wins hands down. It plays perfectly : keys Z + X rotate your craft, use thrust to avoid oncoming pieces of rock and slam that SHIFT key to fire your weapon. If you're struggling, then hit spacebar to hyperspace somewhere safer. Look guys, this is a brilliant Asteroids clone and it is superb fun, so enjoy blasting rock chunks into smithereens!


 - Download and play Megaroids right now. Yes, right NOW!!
 - I've recorded a rather thrilling YouTube video for y'all to enjoy. Check it out!