Sunday, February 07, 2016

Well 'Ard

Well'Ard was released back in 1994 by Cybernation Software and is a platformer with nice graphics and a familiar title tune to rock your socks. First impressions appear somewhat (ahem) familiar to other games but it's the playability that matters the most and thankfully we have another scrolling platformer that's simple yet tons of fun.

You play the part of a rather fiercely looking tough nut who carries no weapon so must use his cute red booties to kill the baddies - by jumping up and down on their heads until they are dead. Rather thuggish but it works! Progress can be rather brisk so perhaps the levels could have been a little longer or maybe filled with more enemies? Controls are accurate and responsive although I hope you have a good joystick because some of the jumps are very tight. Overall, Well 'Ard is a great game of run, collect, jump, kill, exit and then do it all over again. Sure, it won't be winning any originality awards but it's well designed, plays great and includes as much fun as it does frustration. I loved it!


 - For your sadistic pleasure, I have recorded a video of Well 'Ard that displays great skills.
 - 8bitchip have a hard drive installable version which I love!
 - A floppy disk version can be found using Old Games Finder...
 - AtariMania features Well 'Ard in their ST database website.