Sunday, February 07, 2016

Well 'Ard

Fancy being a thug? Here's your chance to play as a fiercely looking tough nut who strangely carries no weapons. Instead, he reaps his violence using his cute red booties - by jumping up and down on their heads until they are dead! Sounds completely unoriginal but who cares? It was released back in 1994 by Cybernation Software and is an arcade-style platformer written in GFA Basic. Gameplay and scrolling are fast with most enemies being very large sprites - I love the snowman. Controls are accurate and responsive with lots of tight jumps on interesting levels.

Well 'Ard is a cracking game and to think it was developed in GFA Basic is incredible. I doubt it would win an award for originality but it is most certainly one of the most enjoyable platformers released in 1994. An unassuming platformer which will surprise you with addictive gameplay and will certainly have you coming back for more.


 - 8BitChip have a hard drive installable version that I highly recommend.
 - All floppy disks can be found using Old Games Finder.

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