Monday, February 01, 2016

N.o.B.I. - Racing

N.o.B.I Racing is by Joytrick (1994) and is a 'snake' clone were we guide 'Alfred' through a series of mazes. Always hungry and always on the move, he needs your assistance whilst he munches everything! However, everytime he eats, he grows a little longer and this can become quite embarrassing if he bites into himself. So your task is to safely help Alfred through the various mazes without him bumping into his own tale.

Simple stuff but the gameplay will become faster as you progress through trickier levels and all this during an ever-decreasing time limit and two types of bonus levels played at frequent intervals, features two-player gaming, DMA audio, and it even supports multiple resolutions. NoBI Racing is very addictive and a bucket load of fun.


 - Download NOBI Racing from Old Games Finder.
 - Here is a little YouTube video recording I made. Enjoy ;o)
 - My thanks to James Mackenzie for pointing me in the direction of this game!

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