Sunday, February 14, 2016

Zany Golf

Zany Golf is one of those game which I spent much of my college years playing. It is such an incredibly addictive and entertaining crazy game, especially with friends. So forget the badly maintained crazy golf courses at your local park because Zany Golf is a jazzy alternative from the creative mind of Will Harvey (The Immortal).

Play through several whacky courses to get that darn ball into the little hole and yes, that's my technical explanation! Controls are actioned using the mouse and feel somewhat similar to any snooker or pool game you may have played: click & hold on the golf ball so a directional line appears to you help guide the speed and direction of the shot. Interestingly, a level of interaction will often be required and this might include controlling the wind fans, manually guiding the moving ball, playing pinball, or making a burger bounce! I kid you not :-)

It's quirky, it's very silly and it's also a little lame... Zany Golf is freaking excellent and highly recommended!!


 - A screenshot of my current progress... Hmmm!!
 - 8BitChip have a download for hard drives and Old Games Finder have the floppies.
 - Update: Wasabim has made another great video!

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