Sunday, February 14, 2016

Zany Golf

Zany Golf was developed by Will Harvey of The Immortal and is one of those game I spent much of my college years playing - instead of studying! What a simple yet addictive game which is obviously based on crazy golf. It's great solo and better with friends but best of all, you don't need to visit the local park anymore.

Play through several whacky courses to get that ball into the hole and yes, that's my technical explanation! Controls are actioned using the mouse and feel somewhat similar to any snooker or pool game: click/hold on the golf ball for a directional line to appear. Use this to guide speed/direction of your shot. Interestingly, a level of interaction can be required which might include controlling fans, playing pinball, making a burger jump, and more.

It's quirky, it's silly and it's little lame... but... Zany Golf is freakingly fantastic and comes highly recommended!!

Download the floppy disk or this cool version for a hard drive.

What? A pinball table!! Zany Golf turns into Insane Golf.

So, you didn't believe me? Now I am hungry!!

Aww, a cute little house for an easy hole-in-one shot. No problem!

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