Saturday, February 20, 2016


Can you smell that? Yes, that smell is 1992. Mmm still so fresh!! :D

Steve McQueen gaming!

I have just received a factory sealed treat, Alcatraz by Infogrames. I thought about leaving it as is but, within milliseconds, I had ripped it open!! Mint condition and I'm loving the contents of this hidden gem.

Hostages fans will love this but this time, the head honcho of a nasty drug cartel has taken shelter in Alcatraz prison and he also happens to be surrounded by many loyal henchmen. Yep, you've probably already guessed that it's your job to sneak in, kill the bad guys, destroy everything illegal and escape in the nick of time.

This isn't a gung-ho game, Alcatraz is best using stealth and careful covert tactics. The starting level first appears in the style of an arcade beat 'em up but is actually the complete opposite. Tread lightly because firing your loud weapon isn't always the answer! Use the darkness to your advantage by nipping into the background scenery, avoiding any unwelcome attention. It's great to see the enemy oblivious to you hiding in the shadows!

The first stage displays the coop action and reveals that strength comes from stealth.

Take cover in the shadows and wait for the best moment to step out and take 'em by surprise!

Take it easy, take it slow...

This won't always be the answer of course, so you may need to resort to a little gunplay now and then. However, it's worth considering your weapon: why not silently throw a knife instead of using your BAM BAM noisy gun?

Initially, the controls feel a bit fluffy but stick with it to overcome these quirks. For those of you with friends, two players can enjoy the missions simultaneously which is absolutely superb. Also, Infogrames was a bit tight with the number of lives so coop should help overcome this obvious oversight for such demanding missions.

Venturing deeper inside Alcatraz and game style changes to a first-person shooter very similar in presentation to a Dungeon Master clone - but with a machine gun!! There is a handy map function which I really liked because it really helped to detail the locations of enemies, rooms, and exit. I really loved this part. But then I died...

Okay, now we're talking. This Doom part of the game was blummin' excellent!!

Use the map to help guide you through and watch out for bad dudes lurking in rooms.

The CryptO'pinion?

Alcatraz is nothing like I expected but I'm really enjoying it. To progress, I advice less Rambo and more careful secret agent. Otherwise, you won't last very long at all. Perseverance and stealth are definitely key tactics and it's only after a number of games that I'm finally starting to make some headway into this adventure.

I hope you have enjoyed this preview of my latest purchase? I'm loving Alcatraz so much!


 - Here is my humble video recording (taken from emulation).
 - Alcatraz can now be installed onto hard drive thanks to the mighty D-Bug.
 - For those wanting a floppy disk image, check out Old Games Finder!

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