Friday, October 28, 2016

Bellum Internecinum

I've never heard of Bellum and only found it by accident when trolling Stonish earlier today. It's a Galaga-wannabe with aliens that battle in fairly predictable formations - just itching to be killed! However, these guys move pretty rapidly as the levels progress and they also enjoy swooping down to clutter the screen for some frantic action so shoot first and ask questions later - these ET's are incredibly trigger happy. We have the freedom to move in all directions but be careful because your ship can only take so much damage before bits and pieces begin to drop off. Thankfully, bonuses are frequently available for repairs, speed and increased firepower. Oh yeah :-)

It's always nice to stumble upon something you missed back in the day. It might have simple graphics, few sounds and no music BUT it's the gameplay which matters and this is rock solid. Bellum Internecinum is fantastic fun!!


 - It also appeared on various cover disk which you can find over on Stonish!
 - ST Format also found this beauty and featured it on cover disk #6.

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