Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chubby Gristle

This is a tale of a fat, obnoxious parking attendant who loves to eat food. Pillar of the community, Chubby Gristle, is always hungry and will roam each room looking for grub to nosh on in Grandslam Entertainment's old skool platformer. It first feels a lot like Monty Mole with each screen designed in a similar fashion and, if you're old like me, the instant appeal will be a huge trip down memory lane!

However, that's where the fun ends and the frustration kicks in because Chubby Gristle is incredibly tough. Each screen has ledges, moving platforms, ropes, and the expected angry sprites zipping back n' forth which are often awkward to avoid (without losing a precious life). Unlike good ol' Monty, Chubby moves a little too quickly for a fat man on a grub hunt, so it's too easy to bump into something sharp or accidentally walk off a platform edge to yet another splattery death. I feel many extra lives are needed to balance the game's high difficulty.

Visually, it's perfectly 8-bit and I mean that in a good way because it happily blasts you back into the 1980s. Sprites move so smoothly and are animated with a style I simply adore - Peter Harrap would be proud. However, I am disappointed with the audio which plays the same tune over (and over). It's great but we really needed a selection. Oddly, music can be silenced but I found no way to activate sound effects which surely isn't too much to ask?

Chubby Gristle is an enigma. This could so easily have been a hit with ancient gamers (like me) however, the gameplay mechanics fail and you will throw down your joystick in anger because of the difficulty level. The infinite lives cheat enabled me to travel deeper and see its amazing charm and character but we need entertainment and challenges without the suffering! Such a shame because it's potentially an awesome platformer.


 - Download from Klaz' Hideaway who has the floppy and a hard drive installable game (with lives cheat)
 - Cheating is never good but Chubby needs extra lives like no other game on the planet. To enable infinite lives type in "buuurrp" on the title screen and you will hear a burp that confirms success. (untested by me)

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