Thursday, October 20, 2016


Talent + Atari STe = another new game

Samuel (aka Zamuel_a of Pac-Mania and Giana Sisters fame) is working on a third game for the Atari STe and this time it's based on "Metroid". Bear in mind, this is a work-in-progress but we can walk, jump, fire, and explore the levels using a 16-colour-limit-busting display! The Blitter will handle the sprites with hardware scrolling being utilised too for a silky-smooth display. Heck, even the analogue ports will be used (now, where's my Jag Pad?)

As you can see, it looks fantastic but Samuel is also asking for help: with music, sound effects, sprites, and level design. If you can help, please contact him directly via the Atari-Forum website. I wish him luck.

It looks like Samuel has another winner on his hands and I for one cannot wait to see how this develops over time. It's looking great so far!! Check out a couple more screenshots below and... watch this space...


  1. Did anything ever come of this? I have no relevant talents to offer, but am still interested in the outcome...

    1. Good question! I believe real life was getting in the way... but I'd also love to know if there is any new news. I'll keep you posted.