Thursday, October 20, 2016

[not] Metroid

Samuel, aka Zamuel_a of Pac-Mania and Giana Sisters fame, is currently working on a third title for our beloved Atari STe. It's based upon Metroid and he's been working on it, on and off, for a number of years. A demo was posted back in 2013 but sadly nothing since (a lifetime ago!)

I first had mixed feelings when I began playing it. Although it featured silky smooth horizontal it performed like Rick Dangerous, vertically. This disappointment soon passes after the initial play area and you soon enjoy smooth 50fps in every direction. Various functions are available such as running, jumping and firing your weapon. You can also access a control screen to check weapons, a map, and more but sadly there are no sound effects or enemies to kill. But please do remember this is a Work-In-Progress and, so far, is absolutely incredible!

The potential I see here and this gets me very excited and it could potentially be one of the best games we've seen. The controls are spot on and, what limited gameplay we have, feels perfect. The enhanced hardware is being used to maximum effect with lots more colour on-screen, the Blitter coprocessor will handle the sprites and hardware scrolling is used for, well, the scrolling. I can only assume stereo samples will also be included at some point with perhaps a funky chiptune playing in the background. Oh yeah, I'm a giddy kipper just thinking how superb this release will be!

Samuel is hoping other Atari STe techies will see his work and offer to help with the music, sound effects, enemy sprites and especially the level design creation. Please, contact him direct on the Atari-Forum website (links below). Okay guys, it's time to get downloading the early beta and have a play, but remember that it is a Work-In-Progress :-)


 - A download is available via Atari-Forum with Samuel's profile for correspondence.
 - Don't forget, he has converted Pac-Mania and Giana Sisters to the Atari STe!!
 - Click the four images below for cool pictures of your new "Metroid" world!