Sunday, October 23, 2016

Terry's Big Adventure

It's-a-me, Terry!

Terry and his Big Adventure was released in 1989 by Shades and it plays with more than a pinch of Mario (I cannot help but wonder how moneybags Nintendo let them get away with this, but I'm glad they did). His adventure takes us through twelve lands and, just like his Italian cousin, he is also stuck within a 2D world of silliness so get your joystick ready because this means lots of platforms, gaps to jump, magic mushrooms and iddy biddy critters.

Terry isn't a mean guy and he certainly doesn't like squashing any living creature so instead, has brought his own weapon of choice. Now, if you're expecting something like a shotgun or a sword then you might be disappointed because it's actually a yo-yo. Okay, this is unlikely to impress the girls but it works well.

Power-ups are frequently available and you can exchange the yo-yo for pebble throwing by hitting the spacebar. Terry is such a badass, right? Many kills will reward a random letter in a tiny parachute, collect 'em and eventually make the word "terry" to earn a temporary shield. This comes in handy allowing you to plough through the enemy hoard. Also, it's worth collecting the mushrooms for juicy points with an extra life awarded every 20,000 points. There are bonus levels stocked to the brim with even more mushrooms - just don't get yourself addicted!

The Atari ST cannot scroll, right? Well, that's what the talentless programmers say...

But is it a good carbon copy?

The graphics are NES in style, I thought. The first thing you notice are those tiny sprites but this suits the console-feel perfectly and everything is colourful and detailed. Scrolling is silky smooth and it's obvious the programmer took pride in his work and achieved beautiful results - from a computer without any hardware scrolling.

Audio is a little disappointing with the option of chipmusic or sound effects. The tunes are cute and my preferred choice in comparison to the dullness of the sparse sound effects. Don't get me wrong, the effects are okay but few and far between so much of your gameplay will be in silence. Stick with the music!

Any Mario game needs decent and responsive controls and Terry has both for a precise feel which is great. It's perfectly "console" which I know sounds odd but it's true! However, little Terry must still abide by the laws of physics during his big adventure and this applies to walking and whatever he hits with his Yo-Yo. This beastly weapon has a kick which can knock Terry back a step or two - so watch out for that when near water. Splosh!!

Terry's world is filled with colour and little cute things. But even little cute things can hurt!

The CryptO'pinion?

Terry's Big Adventure is such a great platformer that will appeal to those who enjoy Giana Sisters or the Stario games. It might very well be a total ripoff but Terry has enough personality of his own to make this feel interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed playing yo-yos with my spiky-haired friend and this is a great platformer.

Download for floppy or hard disk.

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