Saturday, October 08, 2016

Giana Sisters

The Great Giana Sisters was released in 1987 by Rainbow Arts and is a platformer with more than a hint of a famous game starring that silly Italian plumber. The ST version played well but sadly suffered flip-screen scrolling which soon became tiresome and ultimately spoiled what should have been an excellent platformer. A lazy port and I know the STFM could have done far better, evident with great games like Viking Child, Ghosts 'N Goblins, and so many others.

Samuel, aka Zamuel_a of Pac-Mania fame, decided to take on the challenge and program a homebrew conversion and one which would take advantage of the Atari STe. It's more or less the same game but with major technical improvements, like the graphics that now slide along your monitor at a silky smooth framerate. Hardware scrolling is used for maximum effect to displays at 50fps with the Blitter coprocessor handling the sprites and to say the results are absolutely beautiful would be an extreme understatement!

If his hard work wasn't enough, we continue to be spoiled thanks to Peter Putnik over at 8BitChip who has waved a magic wand to lower the RAM requirements so even 1Mb STe's can now play. He has also created two HAGA versions that can be installed to hard drive and feature streamed music using the DMA coprocessor!

The only thing I'm left wondering is why it took me so long to feature Giana Sisters here at AtariCrypt because, yet again, he has created an improved game for the Atari STe which totally and utterly trounces over the original commercial release. Samuel has the commitment, immense talent and I hope he doesn't stop and continues on to develop many more enhanced conversions. Waste no more time and play the enhanced version right now!


 - Samuel's awesome handiwork is downloadable from off Atari-Forum.
 - Peter Putnik has taken this project further and released three versions based on Samuel's work.
 - What? You still don't believe how great this game is - then watch this [HD] video :-)

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