Thursday, April 06, 2017

Clod Hopper

Clod Hopper was released through the Budgie UK label back in 1992 by scener Goth, aka Gary Wheaton. It stars a fella called Bill that's in search of his girlfriend who foolishly wandered off into the nearby plutonium mines - which are inhabited by crazy creatures, numerous whacky puzzles and dangerous hazards. Women, uh? Luckily, she left a convenient trail of footprints so venture forth to rescue our beloved and save the day.

Bounty Bob fans will love this: each screen contains platforms that need walking over before we can exit and progress deeper into the mine. Anyhow, this isn't as easy as it sounds thanks to tricky level designs and cunning puzzle elements - and these often need completing in a particular order. Watch out for those slippery slides, dangerous falls, and the nasty inhabitants who seem to love getting underfoot.

First things first, watch and read the intro. It's really cool :-)

Thankfully, there are magical items we can collect that will render these creatures defenceless, if only for a short period of time. Some rooms will feature working machinery, often necessary to operate to help you clear the level, a fascinating concept which works well. However, you shouldn't dawdle because Bill only has about five minutes of air supply in each room - before he suffers a cruel choking death!

I've enjoyed this oldskool romp and I think it'll appeal to fans of Bounty Bob. My only gripe is the measly three lives which aren't enough for such a challenging game. Clod Hopper is a freakishly brilliant old skool platformer!!



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    1. I think you'll appreciate this :)
      Be warned - HARDER than MM by far after the initial screens!