Tuesday, April 25, 2017


A few months ago I came up with the notion to create a zombie/horror slideshow. However, my artistic skills aren't exactly the best so I asked a few people if they'd like to help donate some gruesome pics. My thanks to the boys listed below for their pics and Peter for his awesome slideshow which features a lower border scroller and cool YMT music! I've have enjoyed working on this silly project and I hope you all get some level of enjoyment from it? :^)


 - Production idea and childish images - Steve Gregory!
 - Artistic skills by :
               Stuart Johns
               Peter Jørgensen
               Karim Mezaouri
               Aurélien Vaillant
               Credit to the unknown images that I nabbed off the web!
 - Slideshow programmed by Peter Jørgensen.
 - Addams Family theme tune by Vic Wizzy and converted to YMT format by Peter.


 - If you feel brave enough, you can grab this awesome slideshow via Demozoo!
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