Sunday, September 25, 2016


CarVup is a scrolling platformer released back in 1990 by Core Designs. You get to play the part of a cheerful car who appears to love painting platforms by driving over them. It's pretty simple and will certainly feel instantly familiar to the ... well, more mature gamer!

Each screen has many platforms in need of a new coat of paint but this task soon becomes tricky because of the numerous baddies that carelessly populate the playing field. Don't think about shooting your way through because there are no weapons without power-ups, so they must be avoided, which will become troublesome seeing as your car has no breaks and is constantly driving kamikaze fashion. This mechanic forces you to constantly flip direction to find an alternative route to frantically complete your task. Many platforms are difficult to reach so require precise timing plus the enemy can often be blocking your path so you will need to immediately react to avoid losing a life.

CarVup would sink like a lead balloon if it had anything less than perfect controls so I'm grateful to say they are indeed responsive and well thought out without any lag. Don't go off the humble animation, above, Core have also done a pretty nice job with the scrolling but there are still technically far better on the ST. The sprites are some of the cutest critters and each level looks superb with lots of colours and a great design. Sound effects are nice and do their expected job very but I love the chiptunes which are all foot-tappingly superb. (press key 'M' to toggle)

I'm not so sure CarVup will appeal to everyone but I do recommend you give it a try. It is an enjoyable painter with a high level of addictive gameplay across some amazing levels which keeps you coming back for more. Love it!


 - Still not convinced? Here is my video recording for the Doubting Thomas' amongst you!
 - AtariMania has CarVup within their incredible ST database.
 - 8BitChip have created a hard drive installable version which is just dandy.
 - The One magazine released a demo of CarVup which contains extra levels NOT in the commercial release!
 - Did you know? If you press the 'Z' key during gameplay then it will stop your car...
 - Enter these codes into the high-score table :
          -> infinite lives - R.J.TOONE
          -> infinite bumpers - BUMPER
          -> 9 lives - PUSSYCAT
          -> faster turn speed - WOOAARRGGHH
          -> level skip - WHOOPSIE
          -> extra points - ARNIECAR
          -> more points - BARMY CAR