Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Special Forces

Yeah, it's box art day!

Look what the postman has delivered: Special Forces!! This is the sequel to Airborn Ranger and released in 1992 by gaming gods MicroProse. I've wanted to own this for a very long time so I'm extremely excited and eagerly looking forward to getting my teeth into it over the coming nights - I'll try not to ruin the box. Ha, I'm funny!

Special Forces is an incredible game and something that I hope to cover in more detail someday. Until then, you can enjoy the photograph of my own copy - but please, ignore the sexy girl and play this game for yourself. Downloads are available for floppy disk - I recommend FOF #109A/#109B. Play via hard disk if you can!

Wanna see more Atari ST games from my own collection? Of course, you do!! [link]

Update: I've made a members-only YouTube recording of the unboxing which includes lots of yapping by yours truly. It's a thank you for our generous supporters of AtariCrypt. This was fun to make but I need a camera stand!! Here's some photos and I hope you enjoy it?

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