Sunday, January 14, 2018


It's time for more nostalgia

Breakout is an excellent GEM desktop accessory that lets us play the game of brick-busting at any time. I had this installed on my boot drive back in the day and remember marvelling at the multitasking capabilities of my lovely Atari ST computer!! It seemed like black magic, even if ACCs faked that illusion in TOS/GEM!
Of course, it works best in a multitasking OS - just use MagiC, MiNT or Geneva!
The game itself is basic, but great fun and works in all resolutions too. However, I doubt anyone will choose this over the magnificent Bolo which is the best version on the Atari ST. Still, finding this little ACC has made my day once again 30 years later. So, thank you to whoever developed this - please, get in touch and say hello.

Okay, it's time to hit that download button... Erm, link I meant. Enjoy this piece of hiSTory!!

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