Monday, January 29, 2018


Whirligig was developed by Maelstrom Games of Midwinter fame for Firebird and I've recorded a short video which I thought might be fun to share. Why? Simply because I cannot play Whirligig for love nor money and zipping about in space without ever being able to properly control my direction is agonising. If I happened to kill one of the baddies then it's pure luck because I usually end up killing myself instead!! Technically, Whirligig is impressive and I know I could have dug my heels in and mastered it but I just couldn't be bothered. Enjoy the video :o)


 - Floppy disks can be nabbed of Exxos [Automation #10] and via Stonish [Klapauzius #1].
 - AtariMania has links to reviews and the manual. In hindsight perhaps I should have read this?

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