Saturday, January 27, 2018


Jamie Hamshere (aka junosix of Droid fame) has released an upgrade of Klax for the Atari STe. This new release uses the arcade game's sampled sound effects which beats the original's chirpy chip by miles.

The game is basically a 3D Tetris which Domark released in 1990. Once again, we're stacking piles of coloured tiles but this time they are travelling towards us and need dropping into a bin, making sure they stack vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It sounds simple but this is a brutal game that demands lightning-fast reactions.

What a fabulous upgrade to replace the drab effects with super-duper arcade sounds using the audio coprocessor. I'm sure Tetris and brainteaser addicts will love Klax but it isn't my cuppa tea if I'm honest. Tiny brain...

AtariMania hosts both the boring STfm original and this spanky new Atari STe update to download.
Need help? I know I did... just hit the '4' key to zip over to the final level. Good luck! ;-)

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