Friday, January 19, 2018

Burger Dream

Burger Dream is Reisoft's spin on 'Clowns & Balloons' with a Ronald McDonald lookalike who is collecting flying burgers. Imagine Breakout with a dollop of Space Invaders - but replace the aliens with juicy hamburgers!

Ronald is left to feel the wind in his wig because we are in control of a couple of goons who move a trampoline contraption that allows him to bounce high in the air and collect burgers. These are scrolling across the screen to make it extra difficult. However, try not to drop Ronny otherwise he ends up in a crumpled heap.

The mouse is used for left/right movement and is perfectly implemented for smooth and precise control. However, the graphics aren't exactly 16-bit in quality, more like something I would have drawn! Only the blind will appreciate these pixels? Burger Dream is hideous and repetitive but I admit it was also surprisingly enjoyable.

Download a Big Mac right now!

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