Monday, March 26, 2018

Pacman On E's

Pac-Man? Again... yawn... boring!!

Yes, there are already lots of cracking Pacman games for the best 16-Bit computer on the planet so how does Pacman On E's differ? Well, it's been developed specifically for the enhanced Atari STe and, unlike so many lost shareware titles, this is actually the registered version that comes with lots of cool extras!

Pacman is timeless but this version takes the genre to a whole new level thanks to its furious speeds. There are 100 levels, zany visuals, funky music and a range of stereo sound effects: like the Road Runner's "meep meep" and that buzzer from Family Fortunes. Digital Dreams has made use of the extra colours, Blitter and DMA Audio. Interestingly, the Function Keys can be used to change the bass, treble and volume (and more).

Stuart Innes - Programming/Graphics
Robert Thompson - Graphics/Sfx
Alasdair Macmillan - Graphics

Play this game

PacMan On E's can be played solo and you'll find it to be the most hilariously challenging take on the original game. It's tripped out and stuffed with colourful visuals and a bucket load of whacky sound effects. The action and fast and exciting so never gets boring, which is kinda how the original does get after a while...

Best of all is the simultaneous two-player support especially when everyone is hunting for the power-ups. These offer a wide variety of silly effects and my video recording shows both myself and my daughter playing together. It was absolutely superb - but when she died she decided to cheat by covering my eyes with her hands. Hmm!

Download me!

You can grab this belting Pac-Man game from most ST websites but Peter, aka 8BitChip, has adapted the registered version which you can download from my Dropbox (whilst his website is currently offline). My greetings to Stuart Innes, Robert Thomson and Alasdair Macmillan for this wonderful game - awesome work fellas!!


  1. Thanks Steve, brings back great memories. I was wondering what cheat mode your daughter had used, forgot you had cheat modes outside of the game! :)

    1. lol she's a master of the iPad virtual controls yet can't use a joystick. Cheers mate :)

  2. Brings back great memories seeing this game again!

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    1. Arrgh I never got an email alert about this comment. Sorry :(
      It's great to have you here. I used to talk a lot to the other guys. This is a great game!