Tuesday, March 13, 2018


After the jaw-dropping Berzerk, I went searching for other variants to see what's lurking inside the ST's archives. Eventually, I found Sleuth a PD release by Larry Scholz of MajicSoft in 1993. The year is 2525 and man's existence is threatened by evil cybernetic organisms (yup, robots!) which Dr Spirit has so kindly butchered and made evil. Okay, it's not exactly what you would call an authentic clone (ahem) but the premise is there!

We are Inspector Sleuth and are about to infiltrate the doctor's lair to show these clumps of metal who's in charge! Gone is the randomly generated screens, replaced with a map that is populated by six different models of the doctor's robots. These range from the Hemroid which is a low-level (wait for it) "pain in the butt" to the Hopperoids and their warp technology, so don't get too close. Defend yourself using an armour-piercing gun which features a nuclear charge to incinerate all robots from the inside out. You still need to stay clear of the electrified walls and if you hang about for too long then something freaky appears and chases you across the screen.

Sleuth feels like a tacky ripoff with rubbery controls, dodgy graphics and terrible sounds. Is it better than Berzerk? Not on your nelly! However, it's a pretty good game in its own right, and my 8-year old daughter loved it!!

IGNORE the graphics!! Remember, gameplay counts the most. It always does.

Shoot anything that looks... well... weird. Don't think, just shoot!! Enjoy :D

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