Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Playing with fractals the other week somehow got me thinking of David Braben's Virus - a game I've not played since the computer shops had Atari ST games on their shelves! Now, the original will always be best, but that's like comparing the STFM to a 32-Bit Falcon so we should stop right there because our Virus is a 16-Bit classic.

Going for a test flight over its chequered landscape (trying not to smash into anything) is an incredible experience. The mouse controls are tough but intuitive so will take considerable time to fully master. But stick with it because once you've got the feel of how it handles, there's a whole new amazing game waiting for you.

Visually, this is excellent. It's fast and smooth - better than the Amiga of course. I've gotta say, I love the ship's exhaust when it spurts out those lovely particles of thrusting power. Take it for a spin and enjoy watching the scenery whisky by... Sound effects are crisp and refreshing with the YM2149 chip doing us proud.

Overall, this game rocks and is a fantastic 16-bit conversion of the original masterpiece. Sure, it has a cruel learning curve (so be prepared for that) but, beat it, and you've found yourself a killer game that's gonna eat away the hours. Virus is a brilliant shoot 'em up and I've had lots of fun with it. This is one virus I'm glad is contagious!!

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