Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Playing with fractals the other week somehow strangely got me thinking of David Braben's Virus, a game I've not played since the shops sold ST games. Now, the original will always be best, but that's like comparing an STFM to the mighty Falcon, so we should stop right there because this game is also a 16-Bit classic.

Going for a test flight over the chequered landscape, trying not to smash into anything, is incredibly good fun. Mouse controls are beautifully intuitive but they will take some considerable time to master - you have been warned!! I've gotta say I love the ship's exhaust spurting out those lovely particles and our weaponry is Oids-tastic. I asked my daughter if she'd like a go, which was a disastrous decision, but one that produced many spectacular crash scenes.

If Virus is new for you, then Trusteft has a superb video recording which covers why it's so great. Well, I've had some fun today but at no point would I say I've remastered the controls, but I will because this virus is contagious!!

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