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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Reach For The Skies

It's time for some cool BoxArt and today we have a wonderful flight sim by Rowan/Virgin called Reach For The Skies. I've definitely landed lucky because the box is in superb condition and even the contents are in good nick: manual, keycard and disks. It's almost like I used a time machine and revisited 1993 ( sigh... just imagine... )

Reach For The Skies was released back in 1993 and attempts a recreation of the Battle Of Britain era between the Royal Air Force and the German Luftwaffe. It's obviously a crucial part of the entire war and the battle is split into four mammoth sections. If you're up to the task, you can be either a pilot or the controller for an entire squadron.

- Pixel Art -

Awesome pixel art albeit with freaky faces. The German on the right looks like Colonel Von Strohm?

Obviously, the first thing I did was skip the manual and read nothing more than the keycard. This humble sheet of paper displays an array of keys which are used to successfully pilot the planes. Don't be too scared because there is a practice mode which is great for newcomers, like me. Why not completely bypass the take-off procedure and pretend to be a stuntman like Colt Seavers whizzing across those lovely 16-bit skies? Well, I did...

Those that prefer to take things seriously are advised to learn the cockpit and keep the keycard sheet at hand. As you get accustomed to flying the skies, you will note some great external views: I really enjoyed these and you can watch me messing about on my YT channel. There are other awesome features like video recording and even the ability to flip between each member of your squadron. Yup, this is a big game that will take time to master.

- The Missions -

Overall, this is a demanding flight sim with some neat features that help a novice, like me, get the most from the very start. I love the authentic cockpits, and the external views are stunning, but learning to hunt down and destroy the enemy will take much practice. But that's definitely a good thing, right? Reach For The Skies is one of the best flight sims I own and something I will enjoy time and time again. Tally-ho and chocks away, old bean!!

Whatever plane you decide to pilot, make sure you run this from a hard drive if you can (floppies on Stonish).

- 3D Camera Angles -

- The Battle of Mega STe! -

Please note: the video recording is based on my own experience using a Mega STe (16MHz) and I've tried to show the game's basic features for both the German and the British sides. Perhaps I should have used the standard computer, but there are lots of other videos out there so I fancied putting those extra clicks to use for a smoother experience. However, it's worth noting the old ST does perform exceedingly well (no change there then!).

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