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Saturday, December 08, 2018

Lupo Alberto

Do you remember the excitement when Lupo Alberto was released back in 2015? Well, today I've taken another look because I was contacted by Luca Stradiotto who supplied a cheat code that enabled me to get much further into this *difficult* game. Otherwise, I'd have never stood a chance! However, I found a bug and got stuck lol

Lupo Alberto looks and sounds great but that push scrolling sure lets it down, especially when killed by something off-screen! But, it's still great and the two-player co-op is a fantastic feature to change character. Overall, it's a shame that this was never released because I have enjoyed playing it. Well, until I got stuck!

It's silly and it's a bit buggy but it's worth downloading!!


  1. if you find it too difficult, try typing CTRL + otrebla during the game ;)

    1. Hey thanks again Lucas and I love that avatar too :D